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Title: Rules of the forum - after registering start reading it immediately
Post by: Admin on December 08, 2016, 12:51:06 pm
Not all rules are written down, yet[DOT] It will be updated many times

1: Contents:
-Spams and inappropiate content:
The spams are inappriopiate, that are something that can be many advertisements, or a high amount of special characters like the following text: ˛/'~!!+˘^~ˇ`˙˙˙˙˙˙[DOT]
If you spam once, you will get a warning about you posted an inappropiate content and if you do it again, the(se) post(s) will be deleted,
If you spam twice, your spams will be deleted
If you spam 3 times, you will not be able to send more PM-s
If you spam 4 times, all of your posts will be deleted
If you spam 5 times, your account will be deleted
-Message icons:
The message icons help to show to the community, what you want in the thread you made[DOT]
For questions, you must use ( icon, if you writing something important, we recommend to use ( icon